Creative Narrations Digital Storytelling Workshop: Flagstaff, AZ

GHWIC allows programs to incorporate culturally responsive and Indigenous evaluation approaches from a community-focused lens, using participatory methods.

We are excited to demonstrate the value of Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country through story vs. numbers and text. Storytelling measures impact and success differently than what can be reflected in a program report. Our histories are rich in traditional storytelling. Stories share perspectives, celebrate our unique cultures and environments, and make way for the importance of personal experience.

Beginning in 2023 and continuing presently, the GHWIC Evaluation Leadership Group developed to work on the GHWIC Formative Evaluation around the social determinants of health. The collaborative group consists of volunteer members from across the GHWIC network examining the evaluation question: What are the social determinants of health (SDOH) impacting health and wellness in American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities?

To explore how factors (either facilitators or risk factors) of our community members affect health outcomes, the Leadership Group selected the following data collection methods: defining SDOH in AI/AN communities, a World Café feedback discussion with GHWIC evaluators in person, a literature review, a systematic indicator study, and a photo narrative project which includes digital storytelling. For the digital storytelling component, Creative Narrations and GHWIC have partnered to bring you these glimpses into our GHWIC community.

Here are the stories created by the participants of our GHWIC Creative Narrations Digital Storytelling Workshop at the NACA site in Flagstaff, AZ in May 2024:

Belonging – Lucy Rogers

Brandie Franco

Environmental Health Matters – Afif


Brittany Benally’s Story

Jordan Mockta

Julianna’s story

Melissa Goode’s Story

Niajéí Ádaaáhólyą́ (Take care of your heart)

The Beginning to a New Road


Tierra Edison Navajos Healing Navajos