Oklahoma City Indian Clinic Success Story: Eagles Nest: A Prenatal Education Program

The Eagles Nest, established by the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic (OKCIC), is a coordinated prenatal education program that serves as the gateway to service for expectant mothers. The program counsels participants on the physical, social and emotional needs of the mother and child.

To prepare expectant mothers to have success in breastfeeding, the Eagles Nest program introduces the basics of breastfeeding and connects participants with one of the 6 OKCIC lactation consultants. These lactation consultants respond to same-day in-person appointments as needed, proactively maintain initial and follow-up breastfeeding appointments with patients, and staff a breastfeeding helpline for all OKCIC patients.

Progress in this program is assessed through referrals to Eagles Nest and participation in Eagles Nest programs. During GHWIC’s second year, the OKCIC reported 232 Eagles Nest referrals and 893 Eagles Nest encounters.  All prenatal counseling patients are now offered through one-on-one virtual or in-person options.

For those patients who are not interested or able to participate in a coordinated program, OKCIC GHWIC staff offer customized one-on-one pre- and post-natal nutrition information.  Participants are introduced to the basics of breastfeeding and connected to lactation consultants during this service.

Progress in this program is assessed through patient encounters with breastfeeding education codes. Individual (in-person and virtual) breastfeeding education encounters are 507 (141% increase from the GHWIC Year 1) with 157 unique patients (81% increase from GHWIC Year 1).