Creative Narrations Digital Storytelling Workshop: Portland, OR

Hearing directly from the community, hearing their voices, their values, their perspective of the problem and their solution can help us better understand fighting chronic disease within the world view of the Tribal communities within GHWIC. Stories measure change within a community that is sometimes not shown within other evaluation methods. Stories serve an important role in the GHWIC national evaluation: to highlight program success, emphasize indigenous core values and knowledge, show the reach and impact of GHWIC, and to connect grantees who are working on the various public health strategies across Indian Country. Creative Narrations and GHWIC have partnered to bring you these glimpses into our GHWIC community.

Here are the stories created by the participants of our GHWIC Creative Narrations Digital Storytelling Workshop in Portland, Oregon:

Alena – The HARDEST Act of Love



Alishia – You are not Alone

Kaitlynn – Little Moments

Leah- kwinɑyɫ ƛ̓ɑwk̓wɑ snəʔəmɑɫ



Lisa – Thank You


Tammie’s Tobacco Story